Cape Verdeans and Jews. Jews and Cape Verdeans. What do we have in common? The Cape Verdean-Jewish Passover Seder is an annual event of cultural connection between these two groups that previously had had little contact with each other in Boston. Since 2006 this extraordinary occasion has brought together Jews and Cape Verdeans to share and celebrate what we have learned are wide areas of commonality between our two communities:

First, we are both diaspora peoples, with the majority of each group living far from its homeland.

Secondly, we share a common immigrant experience here in the U.S. Thirdly, both groups are peoples that have prevailed over tremendous hardships. Finally, surprising to some, we have a shared history: Due to two waves of Jewish immigration to Cape Verde and generations of intermarriage, many Cape Verdeans have Jewish ancestors. The event is structured around the Jewish holiday of Passover, whose theme is the “journey from slavery to freedom,” a theme which has a resonance with the history of each group. Over the past 8 years our Seder has doubled in size from 100 participants to 200. Come and join us!