The following goals were adopted on November 13, 2007, and amended on November 12, 2008, and on November 17, 2009, as follows:

  • To provide an opportunity for Cape Verdeans and Jews to better understand our own and each other’s cultures, histories, and religions and to appreciate what we share in common.
  • To build relationships between the Cape Verdean and Jewish communities, on both the individual and institutional/organizational levels.
  • To build relationships between the Cape Verdean and Jewish communities that can possibly lead to common work on issues of concern to one or both communities and to mutual support.
  • To welcome those who are not members of the Cape Verdean or Jewish communities, but who are interested in learning more about the two cultures and histories.

Kes segintes metas foi adotadu na 13 di Novembru di 2007 y alteradu 12 di Novembru di 2008 y 17 di Novembru di 2009, konforme ta sigi:

  • Proporsiona un oportunidade pa kabu-verdianus y judeus komprendi midjor nos próprius kulturas, stórias y relijions y di otus tanbé y di apresia y partilia u ki nu ten em komun.
  • Konstrui relasom entre komunidades kabu-verdianu y judaiku, tantu a nível individual komu institusional/organizasional.
  • Konstrui relason entre komunidades kabu-verdianu y judaikus ki ta podi eventualmente leva a un trabadju komun sobre kestõns d interesse pa un ou kes dós komunidades y pa apoiu mútuo.
  • Acolhi kes ki ka e membrus di komunidade kabu-verdianu ou judaiku, ma ki sta interesadu na prendi mas sobre kes dos kulturas y stórias