One set of very important opportunities to volunteer is on the day of the event. Tasks before the starting time of the event include, picking items up and transporting them to the in-person locations. We need a strong team of volunteers to arrive at the locations at least two hours before the events to do a variety of tasks, including:

  • Arranging the room
  • Setting the tables
  • Preparing the food
  • Setting up and staffing the sign-in table
  • Checking the video and and audio systems
  • and more…

We also need volunteers to work on the virtual aspect of the event, including people to write things in the chat and respond to chat questions.

Un konjuntu di oportunidades txeu importante pa voluntariadu ta kontisi na dia di eventu. Tarefas antis di oráriu de inísio di eventu ta inklui koleta itens y transportas pa lokais prezensiais. Nu ta preziza di un forti ekipa di voluntárius ki ta txiga na lokais pelu menus duas oras antis di eventu pa realiza diversus tarefas, inkluindu:

  • Organiza sala
  • Konfigura mezas
  • Prepara komida
  • Konfigura Y ekipa meza di login
  • Pa verifika sistemas di vídeo y áudio
  • y mas…

També nu ta presiza di voluntárius pa trabadja na aspetu virtual di eventu, inkluindu pesoas pa eskrevi na chat y respondi perguntas di chat.